Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (1974)

00-YA-48  (owned from 08-09-1999 until 21-05-2002)


The Corvette was everything the MG-TD was not: fast, large and comfortable. However not nostalgic. An impressive car and my first automatic, a real joy. But the maintenance cost were anything but a pleasure. Though the car was in a good condition, it didn't have its original engine anymore, which had been replaced at one time by a 302 V8, probably from a truck. The Holley carb was a real disaster so I bought an Edelbrock, a very fine and customer friendly carburettor which increased HP. Even more HP was gained when I replaced the cylinder head by a reconditioned Vortec head. Eventually however, in an attempt to lower the mpg cost I had the fuel tank replaced by an LPG assembly. That proved to be not a good idea. The car became cheaper to drive allright, but the power had decreased substantially as well. After a few years the high prices of replacement parts forced me to sell this Corvette, but the love for automatic transmissions remained.